Shopping Assistance

Customers sometimes need assistance to complete a purchase. Some customers like to shop
online, but would rather the order by phone. While you’re on the phone, the customer might
decide to take advantage of a coupon. To complete the sale, you must know how to edit the
contents of the shopping cart, apply the discount from the coupon, and complete the order
from the Admin—all while the customer is on the phone. No problem!
You can offer immediate shopping cart assistance to any customer who has registered for an
account with your store. The Manage Shopping Cart tool gives you the ability to edit the
contents of the customer’s shopping cart in real time, from the Admin of your store. Customer
Service reps can see the contents of a customer’s shopping cart while the customer is on the
phone, and the changes can be seen by the customer immediately after the page is refreshed.
Topics in this chapter include:

  • Online Customers
  • Update a Shopping Cart
  • Create an Order
  • Update an Order
  • Create a Customer Account

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