Step 1: Assign the Attribute Properties

1. On the Admin menu, select Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attributes. Then, click the Add
New Attribute button.
2. In the Attribute Properties section, complete the following required (*) properties:
a. Enter a unique Attribute Code to identify the attribute internally. The code should be all
lowercase characters without spaces.
b. In the Apply To list, choose each product type that is associated with the attribute.

3. Complete the remaining Attribute Properties as needed.
a. Set Scope to the indicate where the attribute can be used.
b. Set Catalog Input Type for Store Owner to the type of input control used by the store
administrator during data entry.
c. If you want to prevent duplicate values from being entered in this field, set Unique Value
to “Yes.”
d. To require that a value must be entered in the field before the record can be saved, set
Values Required to “Yes.”
e. To run a validity test of data entered into the field, set Input Validation for Store Owner
to the type of data the attribute should contain.
4. In the Frontend Properties section, complete as many of the settings as needed.

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