Step 1: Create the Grouped Product

The first step is to choose the attribute set, which is used as a template for the product record.
The product in this example is based on the Default attribute set, which includes a standard of
set of fields that can be used for most products.
1. On the Admin menu, select Catalog > Manage Products. Then, click the Add Product button.
2. In the Create Product Settings section, do the following:
a. Select the Attribute Set you want to use as a template for the product.
b. Set Product Type to “Grouped Product,” and click the Continue button.

3. Complete the main configuration settings as you would for a simple product, with the
following exceptions:

  • A grouped product does not have price options because the price of each item in the group
    originates from the associated product.
  • On the Inventory tab, you can set quantity increments and stock availability for the group
    as a whole, but the inventory of individual items is managed by the individual associated

4. Click the Save and Continue button.

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