Step 1: Export All Products

1. Before you begin, make sure that all changes to the product data have been saved.
2. On the Admin menu, select System > Import/Export > Dataflow – Profiles.
3. In the list of profiles, select Export All Products.
4. In the panel on the left, click Run Profile.

5. To begin the process, click the Run Profile in Popup button.

6. Wait a few moments for the profile to begin execution. The length of time it takes to complete
the process depends on the size of the database. Do not close the window.

7. When the process is complete,you can find the exported CSV file in the following location on
the server:
Here’s how the exported data file looks from the command line of the server:

8. Use an SFTP utility to download the export_all_products.csv file from the server to your

9. Then, open the file in any editor that supports UTF-8 encoding, such as Notepad++ or
OpenOffice Calc. To open the CSV file in OpenOffice Calc, specify a comma as the separator,
and double quotes as the text delimiter.

The CSV data appears in the spreadsheet as rows of product records organized into columns of
attributes, with the Attribute Code in the header of each column.

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