Step 11: Gracefully Restart the Server

The final step is to restart the server to flush any remaining caches, such as the APC and/or
Zend OpCache. The following steps show how to gracefully restart the server without
disrupting pages from being served, or causing loss of data.
1. If your server has a control panel such as c Panel, look for the option to gracefully reboot the
server. On cPanel, select Home > System Reboot > Graceful Server Reboot.
2. To gracefully restart from the command line, do the following:
a. The syntax to restart the server from the command line varies by operating system. To
find the version that is running on your server, enter the following:
cat /etc/issue
b. Use the appropriate command to gracefully restart the server. If necessary, begin the
command with sudo.
apachectl -k graceful
CentOS / Fedora / Redhat
apache2ctl graceful
Debian / Ubuntu
3. To end the session, close both the Putty and WinSCP windows.
If you have more than one server, make sure to install the patch on all Magento servers.

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