Step 2: Add Products to the Order

Products can be added to the order by selecting each item from the catalog, or by transferring
the information from a previous order, the customer’s wishlist, recently viewed products, or
other activities.
1. To add products to the order, do the following:
a. Click to the Add Products button.
b. Click the Reset Filter button to list all products. Then, use the filter controls as needed to
find the products to be added. Then, click the Search button.
c. Select the checkbox of each product to be added to the cart and if applicable, enter the Qty
to be purchased.
If the product has multiple options, click the Configure link. Complete the options as
needed and click the OK button.
2. Click the Add Selected Product(s) to Shopping Cart button to update the cart. The current
content of the cart appear in the Items Ordered section.
3. To override the price of an item, select the Custom Price checkbox. Then, enter the new price
in the box below. Click the Update Items and Qty’s button to update the cart totals.
4. Complete the following sections, as applicable to the order:

  • Apply Coupon Codes
  • Payment Method
  • Shipping Method

5. When complete, click the Submit Order button.

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