Step 2: Complete the Required Fields

Complete the required fields as you would for a simple product. The only difference is that a
virtual product has no weight. All required fields are marked with a red asterisk (*).
1. On the General tab, complete the required fields as follows:
a. Type the product Name as you want it to appear in all catalog listings.
b. In the Description box, enter the main description that will appear on the product view
c. Enter a Short Description of the product.
d. Assign a unique SKU to the product.
e. Set Status to “Enabled.”
f. Set Tax Class to the appropriate setting for your area.
g. Set Visibility to “Catalog, Search.”
2. On the Prices tab, enter the Price you intend to charge for the product or service.
3. If you’re not going to manage your inventory, you can skip this section. Otherwise, complete
the required fields on the Inventory tab as follows:
a. Under Manage Stock, clear the Use Config Settings checkbox. Then, set Manage Stock to
b. In the Qty field, enter the quantity of the item currently in stock.
c. Set Stock Availability to “In Stock.”
4. If applicable, on the Website tab, select the checkbox for the website where the product or
service will be available for sale.
5. On the Categories tab, assign the product to the appropriate categories, as follows:
a. In the Product Category tree, click to expand the section where the item belongs.
b. Select the checkbox to assign the product to each category where you want the product to
be listed in the catalog.
6. When the required fields are complete, click the Save and Continue button.

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