Step 2: Complete the Required Settings

1. On the Admin menu, select System > Configuration.
2. In the Configuration panel on the left, under Sales, select Payment Methods.
3. If your Magento installation has multiple websites, stores or views, set the Current
Configuration Scope box in the upper-left corner to the target configuration.
4. In the Merchant Location section, select the Merchant Country where your business is located.

5. If necessary, click to expand the PayPal Express Checkout section. Then, click the Configure

6. Under Required PayPal Settings, in the Express Checkout section, complete the following:
a. Enter the Email Address that is associated with your PayPal merchant account.
Important! Email addresses are case sensitive. To receive payment, the email address you
enter must match the email address specified in your PayPal merchant account.
b. Set API Authentication Methods to one of the following:

  • API Signature
  • API Certificate

c. If necessary, click the Get Credentials from PayPal button. Then, complete the following:

  • API Username
  • API Password
  • API Signature

d. If you are using credentials from your sandbox account, set Sandbox Mode to “Yes.”
If necessary, click the Sandbox Credentials button and follow the instructions to set up
your testing environment.
e. If your system uses a proxy server to establish the connection between Magento and the
PayPal payment system, set API Uses Proxy to “Yes.” Then,, complete the following:

  • Proxy Host
  • Proxy Port

7. When these sections are complete, set Enable this Solution to “Yes.”
8. To offer financing through PayPal to your customers, see PayPal Credit to learn more.
You have now completed the Required PayPal Settings. At this point, you can either continue
with the Basic and Advanced Settings, or click the Save Config button. You can return later
fine-tune the configuration.

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