Step 2: Define the Conditions

Most of the available conditions are based upon existing attribute values. If you want to apply
the rule to all products, leave the conditions blank.
1. In the panel on the left, select Conditions. The first rule begins:

The statement has two underlined links, which when clicked, display the options for that part
of the statement. If you save the condition without making additional selections, the rule will
apply to all products.

  • Click the ALL link, and select “ALL” or “ANY.”
  • Click the TRUE link and select “TRUE” or “FALSE.”
  • Leave the condition unchanged to apply the rule to all products.

You can create different conditions by changing the combination of these values.

If ALL of these conditions are TRUE:

2. Click the Add button at the beginning of the next line.
a. In the list under Product Attribute, select the attribute that you want to use as the basis
of the condition. For this example, the selected condition is “Attribute Set.”

For an attribute to appear in the list, it must be configured to be used in promo rule conditions.
To learn more, see: Attribute Frontend Properties.
The selected condition appears in the statement, followed by two more underlined links.
The statement now says:

If ALL of these conditions are TRUE:
Attribute Set is …

b. Click the is link, and select the comparison operator that is needed to describe the
condition to be met. In this example, the options are “IS” or “IS NOT.”
c. Then, click the … “more” link, and choose the attribute set upon which the condition is

The selected item appears in the statement to complete the condition.

If ALL of these conditions are TRUE:
Attribute Set is Eyewear

3. To add another line to the statement, click the Add button, and choose one of the following:

  • Conditions Combination
  • Product Attribute

Then, repeat the process until the condition is complete.
If at any time you want to delete part of the statement, click the Delete button at the end of
the line.

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