Step 2: Define the Label and Values

1. In the Attribute Information panel on the left, select Manage Label / Options. Then, do the
a. In the Manage Titles section, under Admin, enter a descriptive label to identify the field
during data entry.
b. The next column determines how the label appears in your storefront. You can leave the
box blank to use the Admin label as the default.
c. If your store is available in multiple languages, enter a translated label into each box, as
2. For drop-down or multiple-select input types, do the following:
a. In the Manage Options section, click the Add Option button.
b. In the new row, under Admin, type the value you want to use in your store’s Admin.
c. Enter the value you want your customers to see. (Leave blank to use the Admin value as
the default.)
d. If applicable, enter a translated value for each language supported.
e. Enter a number to determine the Position of this value in relation to other options in the
f. Select Is Default to automatically select this value.
g. Repeat these steps for each value you want to add to the list.

3. When complete, click the Save Attribute button.
The attribute appears in the Manage Attributes list, sorted in alphabetical order by Attribute
Code. Use the Page controls to view each page of the list.

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