Step 2: Prepare the Import Data

You now have two spreadsheets open, side by side. One with the Magento export file structure,
and the other with the new tax rate data that you want to import.
1. To create a place to work in the spreadsheet with the new data, insert as many blank columns
at the far left as needed. Then, use cut and paste to rearrange the columns so they match the
order of the Magento export data.
2. Rename the column headers to match the Magento export data.
3. Delete any columns that have no data. Otherwise, the structure of the import file should match
the original Magento export data.
4. Before saving the file, scroll down and make sure that the tax rate columns contain only
numeric data. Any text found in a tax rate column will prevent the data from being imported.
5. Save the prepared data as a .CSV file. When prompted, verify that a comma is used a Field
delimiter, and double quotes as the Text delimiter. Then, click OK.
Magento requires all text strings to be enclosed in double quotes. Because Microsoft Excel removes
the double quotes, we recommend that you use OpenOffice Calc instead.

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