Step 2: Prepare the Table Rate Data

1. In the upper-left corner, set Current Configuration Scope to the “Main Website,” or any other
website where you want the configuration to apply.
Export and Import options appear in the Table Rates section, with “Use Default” checkboxes to
the right of each option.
To change any of the current settings, you must first clear the “Use Default” checkbox next to the
2. If you want to change the Condition, clear the Use Default checkbox. Then, select another
3. Click the Export CSV button. Then, save the tablerates.csv file to your computer.

4. Open the file in Excel, or any other spreadsheet program.
5. Complete the table with appropriate values for the shipping calculation condition being used.

  • You can use an asterisk (*) as a wildcard to represent all possible values in any category.
  • The Country column must contain a valid three-character code for each row.

6. When complete, save the tablerates.csv file.

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