Step 3: Complete the Display Settings

You can configure the category landing page to display both a static block and product list, or
one or the other. A static block can provide additional information, including text, images, and
even embedded video.

1. On the Display Settings tab, do the following:
a. Set Display Mode to one of the following:

  • Products Only
  • Static Block Only
  • Static Block and Products

b. If applicable, set CMS Block to the static block that you want to appear on the category
c. If you want this category page to display the “Filter by Attribute” section of layered
navigation, set Is Anchor to “Yes.”
d. Clear the checkbox under Default Product Listing Sort By. Then select one of the available
values to sort the list. By default, all available attributes are listed. The default values
typically include:

  • Best Value
  • Name
  • Price

2. When complete, click the Save Category button.

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