Step 3: Edit the CSV File

1. Edit the data as needed.
2. Save your changes to the CSV file.
For this example, we will add three new images to SKU #hdb005. Because this is the only
product record that we’re going to update, the others can be deleted from the CSV file.
Currently, this product has only one image that is used for the base image, small image, and
thumbnail. Because we’re going to now offer this product in three colors, we need to upload an
image for each color, and replace the image that’s currently assigned to the product. Because
this is a simple product, we can later use Custom Options to add an option for each color.
Magento creates a directory structure of product image files that is organized alphabetically.
You can see that path before each image file name in the CSV data. However, when you import
images, you must never include that path before the file name. The only thing you have to do
is to enter a forward slash before the file name of each image that you want to import. Magento
takes care of the rest. For this example, we need to add the three image files that were
uploaded to the media/import folder.
In the data, we will replace the original image file name, and add the other two image file
references on separate blank lines. just below the original row. You must also enter the SKU on
each additional line, to associate the images with the product.

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