Step 4: Complete the Advanced Settings

1. At the bottom of the Basic Settings section, click to expand Advanced Settings. Then,
complete the following:
a. Set Payment Applicable From to one of the following:
All Allowed Countries Accepts payment from the countries already specified in
your configuration.
Specific Countries Accepts payments from only the countries you specify. Hold
the Ctrl key down and in the Payment Applicable From list,
click each country where you accept payment.
b. Set Debug Mode to “Yes” to write communications with the payment system into the log
file. The log file for PayPal Payments Advanced is payments_payflow_advanced.log.
In accordance with PCI Data Security Standards, credit card information is not recorded in the
log file.
c. To enable host authenticity verification, set Enable SSL Verification to “Yes.”
d. To display a full summary of the customer’s order by line item from the PayPal site, set
Transfer Cart Line Items to “Yes.”
To include up to ten shipping options in the summary, set Transfer Shipping Options to
“Yes.” (This option appears only if line items are set to transfer.)
e. To determine the type of image used for the PayPal acceptance button, set Shortcut
Button Flavor to one of the following:
Dynamic – (Recommended) Displays an image that can be dynamically
changed from the PayPal server.
Static – Displays a specific image that cannot be dynamically
f. To allow customers without PayPal accounts to make a purchases with this method, set
Enable PayPal Guest Checkout to “Yes.”
g. Set Require Customer’s Billing Address to one of the following:
Yes – Requires the customer’s billing address for all purchases.
No – Does not require the customer’s billing address for any
For Virtual Quotes Only Requires the customer’s billing address for virtual quotes
h. To specify whether the customer can sign a billing agreement with your store in the PayPal
payment system when there are no active billing agreements available in the customer
account, set Billing Agreement Signup to one of the following:
Auto – The customer can either sign a billing agreement during the
Express Checkout flow or use another method of payment.
Ask – Customer The customer can decide whether to sign a billing agreement
during the Express Checkout flow.
Never – The customer cannot sign a billing agreement during the
Express Checkout flow.
The store owner needs to apply to PayPal Merchant Technical Support to enable billing
agreements. The Billing Agreement Signup parameter must be enabled only after PayPal
confirms that billing agreements are enabled for your merchant account.
i. To allow the customer to complete the transaction from the PayPal site without returning
to your Magento store for Order Review, set Skip Order Review Step to “Yes.”

2. Complete the following sections as needed for your store:

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