Step 4: Upload the Patch

1. To avoid permission problems when you upload the patch from your desktop, create a folder
for the patch without any restrictive permissions. From Putty, navigate back to the level of the
magento and backup folders. Then, make a new folder called patch, and change the
permissions of the folder to 777.
cd ..
ls -l
mkdir patch
chmod 777 patch
ls -l
You now have three folders with different permissions. The patch folder is wide open with
read, write and execute permissions. For this limited purpose, it’s OK.

2. Return to your desktop, and launch WinSCP, or a similar tool. Then, log in to the server.
3. In the right pane, navigate on the server to the location of the patch folder.
4. In the left pane, go to your Downloads folder, and find the patch files that you downloaded.
Drag the files over to the right pane, and drop them on the patch folder.

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