This section of the guide focuses on aspects of the server environment that can be managed
from the Admin. You will learn to perform routine index and cache management operations, and
system administration tasks such as updating Magento, installing extensions, and backing up
the server. You will learn some performanceimprovement techniques, such as running the
compiler, and setting up alternate media storage using an external database or content delivery
network. Topics of interest only to developers include configuring API settings and activating Web Services.
Index Management
Manual Indexing
Automatic Indexing
Cache Storage
Clearing Caches
External Full-Page Cache
Alternate Media Storage
Database Configuration
CDN Configuration
Magento Connect
Upgrading Magento
Installing Extensions
Web Services
Magento Core API Settings
Activating Web Services
REST Roles
System Tools
Creating a Backup
Rolling Back Changes
Installing Patches with SSH
System Log
System Log Cleaning
Magento Test Framework
Database Repair

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