Tags are one-word descriptors that are used as keywords for your catalog. Tags can be assigned
to products by registered customers who are logged in, and also by guests. Tags help customers
organize and remember the products that they have seen, offer quick navigation, and help
search engines index your store. The tags that customers assign to a product appear on the
Customers Tagged Product tab of the product record. The detail includes the tag, the customer
name, and email address.
A tag cloud typically appears in the Popular tags block in the right sidebar of catalog pages.
The size of the text indicates the popularity of the tag. Each product page has an “Tag this
Product” section at the bottom of the page, where shoppers can enter their own tags. As an
incentive, customers can earn reward points for tagging a product.

To add a tag from the store:

1. From any product page, scroll down to the Tag this Product section.

2. In the Add a Tag text box, type the tag you want to associate with the product.

  • To enter multiple tags, separate each with a blank space.
  • To enter a phrase, enclose the text in single quotes.

3. Click the Add Tags button.
The tag will be submitted for review and published on the site when approved.

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