To create an attribute set:

1. On the Admin menu, select Catalog > Attributes> Manage Attribute Sets.
2. Click the Add New Set button. Then, do the following:

a. Enter a Name for the attribute set.
b. In the Based On field, select another attribute set from which this attribute set is to
inherit attributes. This option enables you to reuse the attributes already defined in a set
to build other attribute sets. The simple option is to leave the Default option that appears
in this field.
3. Click the Save Attribute Set button. The next page displays the following:

  • The top left of the page shows the name of the attribute set defined earlier. You have the
    option to edit the name because this value is for internal use.
  • The center of the page shows a hierarchical tree representing Groups for attributes.
  • The right side of the page shows a list of defined attributes that are not assigned to this
    attribute set.

4. Select the attribute to be assigned to this Group by dragging them from the Unassigned
Attributes area on the right into the relevant Group in the middle of the page.
5. When the attribute set is complete, click the Save Attribute Set button.

System Attributes are marked with a dot and cannot be removed from the Groups list. However, you
can drag them to another Group in the attribute set.

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