Updating Default Templates

Email templates are formatted with HTML and CSS, and can be easily edited. In addition, you
can further customize the template by adding variables and widgets.
Many of the default email templates contain placeholder information that must be changed
before any transactional email messages are sent to customers. When the template is ready to
be used, make sure to update your system configuration, so the updated template will be used
instead of the sample template.

Step 1: Choose a Default Template

1. On the Admin menu, select System > Transactional Emails.
2. Click the Add New Template button.
3. In the Template list, select a default template from the list of predefined templates.

4. If necessary, set the Locale to the store language.
5. Click the Load Template button.

The path to the configuration settings for each default template appears at the top of the Template
Information section. Make note of this “Used as Default for” path, because you will later need to
update the configuration with the name of the new template.

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