Upload the Sample Data to Your Server

If you want to use the sample data, it must be installed now. If you are ready to add your own
products, skip this step. You can use either of the following methods to install the sample

Method 1: FTP or SFTP

1. Extract the sample data archive that you downloaded in Step 2, to a directory of your
choice on your local computer. The file name is similar to: magento_sample_data_for_
The archive contains an SQL script with a dump of the sample data, and a media/catalog
folder with category and product images.
2. Use an FTP or SFTP tool to copy the media folder and its subdirectories from your local
computer to the magento installation directory on the server. Depending on your server,
the path will look something like this:



3. Use an FTP or SFTP tool to copy the magento sample data script to the server. A good
place to put it is in the media/catalog folder.



4. Do one of the following:

  • Use phpMyAdmin, or a similar tool to run the sample data script and import the data
    into the new database.
  • On the command line, enter the following:

mysql -u ‘ -p

Method 2: Command Line

If you prefer to install the sample data from the command line, see this Knowledge Base
article, under the heading: Installing Optional Sample Data.
You’re ready to install Magento!

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