If you go to the expense of creating your own original product images, there is not much you
can do to prevent unscrupulous competitors from stealing them with the click of a mouse.
However, you can place a watermark on each image to identify it as your property and make it
a less attractive target. A watermark file can be either a .jpg (jpeg), .gif, or .png image.

Example: Watermark Positions

The watermark used in these examples is a .png file 470 x 470 pixels square, with a black logo
and transparent background. The size and opacity were later adjusted to 100 x 100 pixels at
10% using the watermark configuration settings in the Admin panel. You can experiment with
different watermark settings until you find the look you want.

To place watermarks on product images:

1. On the Admin menu, select System > Configuration. Then in the Configuration panel on the
left under General, select Design.
2. Click to expand the Product Image Watermarks section.

3. Complete the following steps for the Base, Small, and Thumbnail images:
a. Enter the Watermark Default Size, in pixels. For example: 200 x 300
b. Enter the Watermark Opacity, as a percentage. For example: .40
c. Click the Browse button and select the Watermark image file to upload.
d. Set Watermark Position to your preference.
4. When complete, click the Save Config button.

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