A wishlist is a list of products that registered customers can share with friends or transfer to
their shopping carts at a later date. When wishlists are enabled, the Add to Wishlist link
appears on the category and product pages of your store. Depending on the theme, it might be
a text link or a graphic image.

Wishlist Workflow

Shared wishlists are sent from a store email address, but the body of the message contains a
personalized note from the customer. You can customize the email template that is used for the
notification message when wishlists are shared, and choose the store contact that appears as
the sender.

Each wishlist can be maintained in the customer’s account dashboard, where it can be
updated, and used to add products to the shopping cart. Wishlists can be set to public or
private, and shared with friends. Items can be transferred between the wishlist and shopping
cart by the customer or from the Admin. When a product with multiple options is added to a
wishlist, any options that have been selected by the customer are included in the wishlist item
description. For example, if the customer adds the same pair of shoes, but in three different
colors, each pair appears as a separate wishlist item. On the other hand, if the customer adds
the same product to the wishlist multiple times, the product appears in the wishlist only once,
but with an updated quantity that reflects the number of times the product was added.
Customers can update their wishlists from their account dashboard. Merchants can also
update a customer’s wishlist from the Admin.

Wishlist Reports

A customer Wishlist report includes the following information for each wishlist the customer
has created:

  • The date when a product was added
  • The customer name
  • The wishlist name and status (public or private)
  • The product name and SKU
  • Customer comments
  • Quantity of the product in the Wishlist, quantity currently available in the store, and the
    difference between these two values.

You can choose to see a report for the entire website or for an individual store view. The scope is
selected in the Show Report For field. The report can be exported to .csv or Excel .xml format.

To generate a wishlist report:

On the Admin menu, select Reports > Customers > Customers Wishlist.

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